About The Hormone Clinic

The Hormone clinic is a superspeciality endocrine clinic. It is trichy’s first exclusive hormone specialty centre with endocrine superspecialist and his expert team.

Hormones are simply put,the background music of your life. From the time we are born till we breathe our last ,every phase of life is punctuated with effects of hormones.

Right from the child being a boy or girl ,the external or the internal organs to the growth of the child its concentration, pubertal changes,conception,fertility,pregnancy,menopause and bone health all these aspects are influenced by hormones.

As long as the rhythm and music plays unhindered no one actually notices them.Only when the rhythm disrupts and an abrupt silence ensures we realize that something is missing and me start looking around.

At the hormone clinic, we are the musicians who correct the disrupted notes and ensures that the harmony continues.